In 2016 we opened our first bar, Martello Hall, in Hackney where we started distilling some gin in our small copper still, Nicola.

Over the years we have opened more bars and added a small distillery each time. Our tiny distilleries now work in partnership under Tiny Tower Liquor.

We still produce, bottle and wax all of our liquors by hand in our London bars.We’ve use our combined experience in distilling & running our London bars to create our own spirits brand, Tiny Tower Liquor.

As well as serving our gins and rum in our bars, you can buy them online for next day UK-wide home delivery.

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We distill a small batch gin in each of our bars and they each have their own flavour profile.

CANOVA HALL SMALL BATCH GIN This gin has more fruit flavours, with goji berries, apple, rosehip and a decent amount of lemon peel. Makes a mean G&T with blueberries, blackberries and lemon as a garnish.

CATTIVO SMALL BATCH GIN This gin is a sweet and exotic gin, with lots of extra coriander seeds, a touch of nutmeg and ginger and kaffir lime leaves. It pairs well with a ginger tonic and a rosemary sprig. Winner of Bronze Medal, World Gin Awards 2021 and Silver Medal, London Spirits Competition 2021.

ALLORA HALL SMALL BATCH GIN This gin is full of citrus flavours, with touches of apple to balance it out. It is a brilliantly refreshing and best with Mediterranean tonic, a squeeze of lemon and grapefruit.

MARTELLO HALL SMALL BATCH GIN This gin is a more floral ‘botanical-forward’ gin, with hints of grapefruit and lavender. It’s great for making a classic G&T.

SERATA HALL SMALL BATCH GIN This gin is a great allrounder. It’s really flavourful, made with more unusual botanicals like cubebs, carraway seeds and schizandra berries, and is brilliant to make martinis with. Winner of Silver Medal, London Spirits Competition 2021.


We infuse our small batch gin with raspberries and blackberries to create our pink gin. Tiny Tower Pink Gin is light, full of fruit & citrus flavours and makes excellent gin cocktails. This gin looks, and tastes, fabulous.


This magical colour-changing gin is made with blue pea flowers. Watch it magically change colour from a pretty blue to delicate pink when you add tonic and grapefruit.


We have added our first rum to the range of gins we make. This rum has been ageing in old oak barrels for two years. There are only 50 bottles of Tiny Tower Liquor First Edition Rum (50% proof).